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Arthur L. Burnett, IL, MD, MBA

Meet Your Coach

About the Coach

Dr. Arthur L. Burnett is a Patrick C. Walsh Distinguished Professor of Urology, Director of the Basic Science Laboratory in Neurourology, and Director of the Male Consultation Clinic at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

Hear from the Coach

Dr. Arthur Burnett discusses some of the prominent questions and issues that face men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Understanding Your Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Dr. Burnett discusses the first steps in understanding a diagnosis of prostate cancer and the important things men and their support network should consider.

Information on Possible Treatment Side Effects

Treatment options for prostate cancer can lead to a range of side effects. Dr. Burnett discusses these possible side effects and how men and their family and caregivers can manage the impact of treatment.

Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

There are a range of treatment options for men with prostate cancer. Dr. Burnett reviews options available to men based on their disease and risk level.

Understanding Your Options: Active Surveillance, Watchful Waiting and Observation

Many men with prostate cancer are confused by the difference between treatment options active surveillance, watchful waiting and observation. Dr. Burnett discusses these individual options and how they can play a role in prostate cancer treatment.